Technical Steering Committee

MedBiquitous Consortium Technical Steering Committee provides strategic technical direction to the Consortium. We're happy to have outstanding individuals from the technology industry and health professions organizations serving in this role.

Comittee Members

  • Joel Farrell, Chair
  • Prasad Chodavarapu, American Board of Family Medicine
  • James Fiore, American Board of Surgery
  • Scott Kroyer, E*Value
  • Andy Rabin, CECity
  • Luke Woodham, St. George's University of London
Joel Farrell photo

Joel Farrell
Technical Steering Committee Chair

Joel is a former Senior Technical Staff Member in the Emerging Technologies group of IBM Software Group. He Joined IBM in 1981 and has worked on large scale operating systems, parallel and distributed computing, and formal methods in software development. He has been involved in Internet technologies and was a member of IBM's core XML technology team and the IBM Web Services architecture team.