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MedBiquitous develops XML and Web service standards to advance lifelong learning, continuous improvement, and better patient outcomes for the health professions. All standards go through our rigorous ANSI-accredited development process.

ANSI/MEDBIQ AR.10.1-2009, Activity Report

Activity Report allows organizations to electronically compile CE and Maintenance of Certification certificate data across providers, making it easier to track lifelong learning and improvement.

Drafts of version 2.0 specification and schema are available as well.

ANSI/MEDBIQ CF.10.1-2012, Competency Framework

The Competency Framework allows competencies and learning outcomes to be used as the backbone of education and performance management systems, enabling users to search for resources addressing a specific competency and determine where competencies are addressed in the curriculum.

ANSI/MEDBIQ CI.10.1-2013, Curriculum Inventory 

Curriculum Inventory is intended to facilitate the exchange and aggregation of data about health professions curriculum across the continuum of professional education and training. It is necessary to enable the aggregation of curriculum data for research and benchmarking purposes.

ANSI/ MEDBIQ EA.10.1-2017, Educational Achievement

Educational Achievement facilitates the exchange of data about a learner's achievements and competencies across the continuum of professional education. It includes the ability to document entrustment decisions and achievement of milestones.

ANSI/MEDBIQ LO.10.1-2008, Healthcare Learning Object Metadata (Healthcare LOM)

Healthcare LOM provides a standard way to describe learning activities and content, making it easier to find resources and maximize their value and reach.

Drafts of version 2.0 specification and schema are available as well.

ANSI/MEDBIQ PP.10.1-2008, Healthcare Professional Profile

The Healthcare Professional Profile provides a standard XML format for profile data on healthcare professionals, making it easier to exchange and compile profile data across organizations.

Drafts of version 2.0 specification and schema are available as well.

ANSI/MEDBIQ ME.10.1-2009, Medical Education Metrics

Medical Education Metrics (MEMS) provides a standard format for CE outcomes data, allowing educators to bring outcomes data together across systems and organizations for better research.

Drafts of version 2.0 specification and schema are available as well.See the Metrics Working Group for more information.

ANSI/MEDBIQ VP.10.1-2010, MedBiquitous Virtual Patient

Virtual Patients are interactive computer programs that simulate real life clinical scenarios for educational purposes. The MedBiquitous Virtual Patient standard (MVP) enables the exchange of virtual patients across systems and institutions.

ANSI/MEDBIQ PF.10.1-2015, Performance Framework 

The Performance Framework specification allows one to represent expected levels of performance related to a competency in a standard format. Performance frameworks can then be referenced from other data to make learner performance data portable and easily understood across a learner's career.